Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Petition Fee

When applying to become a member of The Bones Brothers, a petition fee of $50 is required before your petition will be voted on. Per our by-laws, any member of Anoka Lodge #30 will automatically be accepted into the organization (no black-balling). Applicants from other Masonic Lodges are subject to a yes/no vote of the membership. Fees will be returned to any applicant who's petition is rejected.

The petition fee is used toward providing the new member with 1) a Bones Brothers hat, 2) a Bones Brothers pin and a membership card.

Click the Paypal logo below to make your petition fee payment.

Pay for Services - or - Donations

Use the link below to make payments to The Bones Brothers for services rendered (or about to be rendered) as well as making donations to the group to help us expand our ability to assist charitable groups in our area.

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